Thursday, July 9, 2009

Out With Schools - In With the Internet?

Photo by Dana Lynn Reeves

Kitty Ruzic and Nicole Coomer discuss with Dr. John Strange his suggestion that perhaps we should replace schools with the internet.

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We also produced a video of this podcast. At present, it is only available here since it is a trial to see whether podcasts next semester will be videocasts instead. (Or some will be videocasts). To watch the video click See Kitty, Nicole and Dr. Strange discuss whether we should replace schools with the internet (and other things as well).

In this discussion the following resources were mentioned or referred to:
John H. Strange (1995). "A Cultural Revolution: From Books to Silver Discs". Metropolitan Universities, 6 (1), 39-53.
Godfrey, D., Parkhill, D., Madden, J., & Ouimet, A. (1979) . Gutenberg Two: The New Electronics and Social Change (2nd ed. rev. 1980). Toronto: Press Porc├ępic.

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