Thursday, July 9, 2009

Reader/Writers or Listener/Watchers?

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In this podcast Dr. John Strange discusses his belief that we have left the reading/writing culture and entered the listening/watching culture with Megan Brown and Dana Reeves.

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We also produced a video of this podcast. At present, it is only available here since it is a trial to see whether podcasts next semester will be videocasts instead. (Or some will be videocasts). To watch the video click See Megan, Dana and Dr. Strange discuss the change from a reading/writing culture to a listening/watching culture.

A note from John Strange. Since this podcast was recorded on June 29, 2009 I was told (by my friends on Twitter) about an absolutely fantastic presentation by Dr. Richard E. Miller, Chairman of the English Department at Rutgers University. To really understand how to "write" with multimedia, the primary topic discussed in this podcast, I strongly recommend that you watch Dr. Miller's presentations!

Other materials referred to in this podcast include:
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Shane Hipps (2009). Flickering Pixels: How Technology Shapes Your Faith. Grand Rapids: Zondervan.
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  1. The conclusion I drew from this discussion- despite the point Dr. Strange makes- is that writing and reading skills are imperative because we still need to get students to produce what is listened to and watched. These materials start at the very least as ideas on paper, sales pitches to executives, and professional business letters/emails to companies in order to get funding, supplies, etc.Not only that I believe you have to be a good reader and writer in order to be an effective listener and watcher. Reading and Writing develops analytical and critical thinking skills; skills that allow you to think for yourself and not just be brain washed by whatever it is you are listening to and watching.