Monday, November 2, 2009

Ginger Parnell Interviews Mike Foster of the Gulf Coast Convention and Visitors Bureau

Mike Foster
Ginger Parnell interviewed Mike Foster, Vice President of Marketing for the Gulf Coast Visitor and Convention Bureau. Watch her videocast by clicking on the picture. Mr. Foster discusses the various ways in which the Visitor and Convention Bureau attempts to reach potential visitors to the Alabama Gulf Coast and the move from print to the internet for the Bureau's advertising. Part of this is because most visitors determine where they will go on vacation and make reservations on the internet. They are also major users of the internet while at the beach. You may be surprised about the changes in marketing techniques that he discusses.

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  1. 65-70% of the budget is spent on line advertising compared to 90% spent on print ten years ago. I would hate to be marketing printing today. Being able to pull facts and figures out that represent the exact state of the industry means they are on top of the situation and will always be able to adapt as time and technology allows. I want to travel to various places all over the world and did most of my life, now that I am married my wife wants to stay local so we do. She wanted to go to Wisconsin, so we did. She wanted to rent a cabin in north Alabama, so we did. I want to go on a cruise, so we did not. I wanted to take my daughter skiing in Tahoe, so we did not. The man knows his business (and possibly my wife!!)
    Just one question I want to know as a man who is under the thumb....When are the ladies going to the beach for the long weekend??? Good job Ginger.