Monday, April 27, 2009

Useful Websites for Educators, BW0414W

Keesha Miles Emma Jones Doris McManus

Keesha Miles, Emma Jones and Doris McManus discuss useful Websites for Educators

Our group researched many educational websites to find some that will be useful to us and other teachers. We looked at many sites that were hard to use and eventually found five websites that we all liked. In this pod cast we discussed what we did and did not like about these websites.

The sites that we discuss are listed below. These websites are fun educational websites that may be used by teachers, students, and parents. They provide great ideas, printouts, games, lesson plans, clip art, and much more. Some of our favorite things are the talking electronic books, animated/interactive games, interactive 100 number charts, and an interactive calendar. Some of them also have great articles about topics like ADD/ADHD, bilingual education, home schooling, parenting, and literacy. We think that these sites were very easy to use and enjoyed using them. Hopefully, new and experienced teachers will find these sites that we found very useful.

Interactive Educational Games
Useful Clip Art Site
Fun Brain Web Site
Site For Useful Lesson Plans
Handwriting Exercises

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